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Languages: TürkçeEnglish
with baroque architecture and art

Central Europe


Famous as a bridge builder and a venue for cultural exchange in Europe, Austria boasts spectacular landscapes and urban sleeves. Officially the Republic of Austria, it is a landlocked country that covers an area of about 83, 879 Sq Km. A federal republic in East […]

Czech Republic

Thanks to its location at the crossroads of various cultures in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic has countless cultural and historical points of interest. The Czech Republic is a country of great historical and cultural importance, a country where historic monuments and entire […]


With a history that stretches far back in time the country has a rich heritage and distinct culture making it an attractive destination for tourists from across the world. Its natural wonders also add up to make it a tourist hotspot. It boasts of the largest thermal water cave system in the world and the […]