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Summer Vacation


Varna is the largest center of theatrical and architectural art of the country. This is also one of the most popular Bulgarian resorts, which is traditionally liked by travellers from all over the world.

The center is of the city is marked with the Square of Independence. This is a huge pedestrian zone. There is no transport here and so nothing breaks the calm and measured atmosphere of this place. On the square are located 2 large cultural centers – the Varna Dramatic Theatre and the Opera Theatre. Between them is located a small market that will be surely interesting for guests of this wonderful city. Here you can find different types of goods, hand-made jewelry, wonderful pictures, souvenirs and wooden stuff.

Where activities are concerned, you couldn’t ask for a better city than Varna. This vibrant metropolis has history, natural beauty and a party atmosphere all rolled into one – and that’s without mentioning the fabulous beaches. Speaking of those, if you’re here for any length of time, you should definitely take the opportunity to get active with some water sports. Centres can be found all along the coast, offering everything from windsurfing to parasailing. If that doesn’t appeal, there are some volleyball nets set up along the sand – these are great if you want to make friends and it’s easy to ask a passer-by if they want to participate.